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Content Management Systems

A software system for organizing and facilitating collaborative creation of text based documents and other content.

  • Separation of content, structure and design thus improving the life cycle of your website.
  • Easy content production, no programming skills required. Through a graphical user interface, authors can simply create text, insert images and multimedia files, to maintain a very dynamic and professional looking website. No need to involve web designers or programmers for every little modification - you are in total control.
  • Decentralized maintenance. Schedule content for automatic publishing later. Edit anywhere, anytime. No need to install special software on each machine.
  • Configurable access restrictions. Users are assigned roles and permissions that prevent them from touching content in which they are not authorized to change. Our CMS also enforces accountability for content editors via log files and promotes cooperation between authors. Content can be hidden for previews; or require a user login with password to be viewed by certain users and groups.
  • Navigation menus are automatically generated based on their relations to other pages and content. Links will never point to nonexistent pages. Just imagine, you will never need to make another menu button again, or pay a web designer to routinely do updates for you. Each time you add or change a page, the menu will automatically update to reflect the change.
  • Content is stored in a central database and can be reused in many areas on the website. In addition the information can be formatted for multiple devices (web browser, mobile phone/WAP, tablet, PDA, printers, etc) or formats (email, pdf, xml, rss, atom, etc).
  • Modular and extensible - Extensions like forums, polls, shopping carts, search engines, news management are typically drop-in modules. A good CMS also allows for true user defined extensions.